• FITARA Should Make Federal CIOs Crazy

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    fearWe have been helping CIOs respond to the next milestone of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), but I could not help but think of the perspective of the US Government CIO Tony Scott.  If I were Tony Scott looking at all the reds on the latest scorecard, I would think – we are going to need a miracle.  CIOs are going to do their best, but the real issues remain.

    • Lack of sufficient authority
    • Poor agency IT governance
    • Need for modernization of aging infrastructure

    For example, there is so much talk about the former Secretary of State and her email, but no discussion about the lack of a modern email system that drove every previous Secretary to seek similar solutions.  In seeking a miracle, I pray that appropriators remedy this and that agency heads and CFOs do their part to help solve the problem.

    Maybe it is crazy to wait for and expect miracles.  However, some crazy Department CIOs will make miracles happen.  They will play with the hand dealt to them and work create a more influential leadership team that can support them improve governance processes, find efficiencies, and increase the capacity of the IT workforce.


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